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CA2200-BO Series Overhead Concealed Closer Fixed Spring Tension (Body Only)

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Part Number:CA2200-BO

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Spring Tension
- Calibre Door Closer's -
CA2200-BO Series Overhead Concealed Door Closer 
Fixed Spring Tension (Body Only)

Spring Tension;
  • XX-Light (5 lb ) Spring Tension (Model numbers 2201-2203)
  • X-Light (8-1/5 lb.) Spring Tension (Model numbers 2210-2213)
  • Light Spring Tension (Model numbers 2220-2223)
  • Medium Spring Tension (Model numbers 2230-2233)
  • Heavy Spring Tension (Model numbers 2240-2243)

  • 105 degrees Back-Stop with Hold Open
  • 105 degrrees Back-Stop with NO Hold Open
  • 90 degrees Back-Stop with Hold Open
  • 90 degrees Back-Stop with NO Hold Open
Calibre's 2200 Series:

Center Hung Models

XX-Light (5 lb ) Spring TensionX-Light (8-1/5 lb.) Spring TensionLight Spring TensionMedium Spring TensionHeavy Spring TensionFunction
CA2200CA2210CA2220CA2230CA2240- 105* Back Stop with Hold-Open
CA2201CA2211CA2221CA2231CA2241- 105* Back Stop -NO Hold-Open
CA2202CA2212CA2222CA2232CA2242- 90* Back Stop with Hold-Open
CA2203CA2213CA2223CA2233CA2243- 90* Back Stop -NO Hold-Open

*click on links to go to the model*

Offset Hung Models
X-Light (8 1/5 lb) Spring TensionLight Spring TensionMedium Spring TensionHeavy Spring Tension Function
CA2210-JO/VOCA2220-JO/VOCA2230-JO/VOCA2240-JO/VO- 105*  Back Stop with Hold-Open  
CA2211-JO/VOCA2221-JO/VOCA2231-JO/VOCA2241-JO/VO- 105* Back Stop -NO Hold-Open
CA2212-JO/VOCA2222-JO/VOCA2232-JO/VOCA2242-JO/VO- 90* Back Stop with Hold-Open   
CA2213-JO/VOCA2223-JO/VOCA2233-JO/VOCA2243-JO/VO - 90* Back Stop -NO Hold-Open 

*click on links to go to the model*

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