DH-1820-H 'Hook Bolt' Deadlock ONLY
DH-1820-H 'Hook Bolt' Deadlock ONLY

DH-1820-H "Hook Bolt" Deadlock ONLY

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DH-1820-H "Hook Bolt" Deadlock for Glass Aluminum Door
Part Number: DH-1820-H
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- International's - Swinging Door Hardware - 
DT-1820-H – “Hook Bolt” Deadlock ONLY
for Glass Aluminum Door

Bolts 13/16" throw, 
Made of 5-ply laminated steel with a hardened roller pin in a case hardened center ply for maximum security. 
Locks accepts standard 1-5/32" Mortise Key or Thumb-turn Cylinders with AR MS-Type cam. Faceplate not included.

Cylinder back-sets available:
  • 1-1/2"
  • 1-1/8"
  • 31/32"
Available 1" x 6-7/8" Faceplate ONLY Options: 
“Hook Bolt” Deadlock WITH 1" x 6-7/8" Faceplate:
  • DH-1821-H "Hook Bolt" Deadlock with Flat Faceplate 
  • DH-1822-H "Hook Bolt" Deadlock with Radius Faceplate
  • DH-1823-H "Hook Bolt" Deadlock with Weatherstripped Radius Faceplate
  • DH-1824-H "Hook Bolt" Deadlock with LH Beveled Faceplate
  • DH-1825-H "Hook Bolt" Deadlock with RH Beveled Faceplate
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