FL-100 Flushbolt
FL-100 Flushbolt

FL-100 Flushbolt

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FL-100 Flushbolt
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FL-1002 -Standard Flushbolt, 1/8" Offset for use on a non-weatherstripped door stile. Standard 5/8" throw when activated. 
FL-1004 -Standard Flushbolt, 1/4" Offset for use on a weatherstripped door stile. Standard 5/8" throw when activated. 
FL-1006 -Standard Flushbolt, 3/16" Offset for special application

Radius Flushbolt Face measuring 15/16" x 4-1/4". 
Positive U joint actuator for secure locking.
Flushbolt Rod length for 12" Centerline of face Installation. 
Square Nylon Rod Tip with beveled corners fits in 1/2" round hole. 
Includes FG-1000 Standard Flushbolt Guide and screws. 
Finishes available: AL - Baked Satin Aluminum Paint BK - Baked Black Paint DU - Baked Storefront Bronze Paint

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