FP-4513 Radius Weatherstripped Faceplate for Deadlatch Lock

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FP-4513 Radius Weatherstripped Faceplate for DL-4510 Deadlatch Lock
Part Number: FP-4513
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 - International Door Closers - 
 FP-4513 Radius Weatherstripped Faceplate 
compatible with DL-4510 Deadlatch Lock 

Faceplates measure 1" x 6-7/8", and include faceplate screws.

Available Radius Faceplate Options: 
FP-1853 Radius Weatherstripped Faceplate is compatible with the DT-1850 Long Throw Lock
FP-1823 Radius Weatherstripped Faceplate for DH-1820-H "Hook Bolt" Lock & DH-1820-S "Short Throw" Lock
FP-4513 Radius Weatherstripped Faceplate is compatible with DL-4510 Deadlatch Lock

Finishes available:
AL - Anodized Satin Aluminum
BK - Anodized Black
DU - Anodized Storefront Bronze

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