Nylon Brush Seal Door Sweep 36'
Nylon Brush Seal Door Sweep 36'

Nylon Brush Seal Door Sweep 36"

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Nylon Brush Seal Door Sweep
Part Number: IDC-601
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 IDC601 - Nylon Brush Seals
  • Synthetic Polymer: Polymide Bristles
  • Excellent abrasion resistance, flexibility and memory
  • Moister resistant
  • Retains insecticides well
  • Temperature range-70F to 160F
  • BHMA Certified to ANSI A156.22 Performance Test for Heat, Cold, air leakage, and smoke control in most common profiles
  • Not effective against water penetration
  • #6  x 3/4" Stainless Steel sheet metal screws furnished, screw holes are slotted for adjustment
  • Available colors:
    • Clear Aluminum with Gray Brush
    • Dark Bronze with Black Brush
  • Stock Sizes:
    • 36"
    • 48"
  • Made in USA

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