PB-1000 Single Bend Push Bar, CTC
PB-1000 Single Bend Push Bar, CTC

PB-1000 Single Bend Push Bar, CTC

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PB-1000 Single Bend Push Bar, CTC
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PB-1000 Single Bend Push Bar, CTC

1" Diameter solid round aluminum extrusion, precision formed and machined. 
High-performance architectural Class 1 anodized finishes for abusive use and UV protection. 
Product meets or exceeds AAMA 611-98 specifications. 
Offset Pull Handles with 3-1/4" offset, 2-1/4" projection, and 2-1/4" door clearance. 
Straight Pull Handles with 3" projection, and 2" door clearance. 
Push Bars with 2-1/4" projection. 
Push Bars can be ordered with Pull Handles for a Push/Pull Set. Specify Push/Pull combination used when ordering for correct mounting hardware package. 
Mounting hardware included. Specify Thru-Bolt or Concealed fasteners for individual Pull Handles. Push Bars are Concealed at the Lock Jamb and Thru-Bolt at the free ends. Push/Pull Set is Back-to-Back at the meet and Thru-Bolt at the free ends. 
Pull Handles CTC 9", 10" and 12". Push Bars are CTC 33- 1/16" (for a 36" Door) and CTC 45-1/16" (for a 48" door) 
Polished Brass (US3) solid bent rod and Stainless Steel (US32 & US32D) solid bent rod finishes are available by special order. 
Finishes available: AL - Anodized Aluminum BK - Anodized Black DU - Anodized Storefront Bronze

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