Cylinders and Keyways: None
Cylinders and Keyways: None

SC8170 SS Cal-Royal Single Dummy

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SC8170 SS Cal-Royal Single Dummy
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    SC8170 SE Cal-Royal Single Dummy

  • Deadbolt thrown or retracted by inside thumbturn or outside coin turn 
  • Rotating outside coin turn retracts deadbolt and unlocks outside knob / lever 
  • Latch bolt retracted by knob / lever from either side 
  • Throwing deadbolt locks outside knob / lever and displays OCCUPIED plate 
  • Rotating inside knob / lever simultaneously retracts deadbolt and latch bolt and unlocks outside knob / lever 
  • Inside lever is always free for immediate egressCal-Royal SC Series Information  
Finish: US26D, US32D, US32, US10B, US3, US26, US4  

    Cylinders and Keyways: None

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