TH-1000 Mortise Thumbturn
TH-1000 Mortise Thumbturn

TH-1000 Mortise Thumbturn

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TH-1000 Mortise Thumbturn
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TH-1000 Mortise Thumbturn

Zinc Die Cast cylinders, with core faces, keys, and thumbturn T-Turn US 26D. Cylinder faces (scalps) anodized aluminum. 
Mortise Key Cylinder and Mortise Thumbturn with AR MSType cam. 
Mortise Key Cylinder with Schlage C Keyway. Specify cylinder pairs as KA-2 or KA (keyed alike in maximum of 50 pairs each).
Standard 3/16" cylinder trim ring furnished. 
Finishes available: AL - Anodized Satin Aluminum BK - Anodized Black DU - Anodized Storefront Bronze

Associated Part#: 193CY-31

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